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Windows 8/10 and Error 13

Symptom: Customers install a book and are able to open and run it one or more times. Subsequent attempts generate Error 13 - Type Mismatch.

Cause: Windows update 8.1 has an undocumented feature whereby newly placed restrictions in the Registry cause some values, when read, to be blank - even though they were written correctly.

Many thanks go out to Atty Michael Ray Smith of Smith Rayl Law Office, LLC. His patience in tracking down and debugging the issue aided immeasureably. His website can be found here.

The issue has been resolved for all products listed below.
Follow the directions carefully.
How to fix Error 13:
  1. Make certain that the Title and Release # (below) match what you have on your Pc. You can verify this information by launching the book and getting the Title and Release # from the splash screen. Every Release # of every book is different. If you need a Release # for your book that is not listed, please contact us and we will do our best to make it happen.
  2. Go into your Control Panel and un-install all instances of the book in question from your Pc. FAILURE TO DO THIS WILL CAUSE THE FIX TO BE INEFFECTIVE.
  3. Click the Install link next to the Title/Release # you need. When prompted, choose 'Run'. If Windows SmartScreen comes up, click 'More Info' and then click 'Run Anyway'.
  4. Allow the install program through any security warnings. Once the installation starts, just follow the prompts.
  5. Now that the book is re-installed, open it and all should be fine. If you had previously entered an unlocking code to have unlimited access, you will need to re-enter it. If you can't find it, give us a call and we will be happy to give it to you again. Our number is 800-299-0202.  We are open M-F 8am - 5pm CST.

Products that contain the Error 13 Fix



Adm. License Revocation Manual 5 Install
Automobiles 8 Install
Bankruptcy Handbook 14 Install
Bankruptcy Handbook 16 Install
Business Owner's Legal Gd. 19 Install
California Depositions 5 Install
Damages 8 Install
Depositions 7 Install
Discovery 8 Install
Elder Law 5 Install
Employer's Legal Guide 16 Install
Estates and Trusts 12 Install
Evidence 8 Install
Extraneous Offenses 8 Install
Federal Reversible Errors 18 Install
Limited Liability Companies14Install
Limited Liability Companies 15 Install
NonProfit Corporations 3 Install
OSHA 8 Install
Premises Liability 8 Install
Protecting Your Assets 5 Install
Real Estate & Title Documentation 19 Install
Real Estate Tax Guide 18 Install
RICO 18 Install
Simple Dispute Resolution 2 Install
Social Security Disability Practice 3 Install
Tax Guide - Buy/Sell a Business 18 Install
Tax Manual - Choose Best Bus. 3 Install
TCDFA 18 Install
Texas Automobiles 7 Install
Texas Corporation Law 12 Install
Texas Damages 8 Install
Texas Depositions 8 Install
Texas Discovery 7 Install
Texas Employer's Legal Guide 9 Install
Texas Erisman's 56 Install
Texas Evidence 8 Install
Texas Motion Practice Handbook 11 Install
Texas Motions in Limine 2 Install
Texas Premises Liability 8 Install
Texas Probate 15 Install
Texas Probate 16 Install

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