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Windows 8/10 - Watching DVDs
Microsoft decided not to originally include a DVD player in Windows 8/10 like they did in Windows 7. However, recent updates to Win10 now DO have a DVD player. Read through the following and see if anything below applies to you:

1. When the DVD is inserted, you get a light blue screen that says 'To watch, insert a DVD'. Just click in the middle of the screen and the movie should start.

2. Your PC doesn't know what to do with the DVD.  In this instance, you will need to go get one. We have included several FREE ones below.

VLC Player
The best way we have found to watch our DVDs this way is to launch the VLC player first, then do a Media-Open and select the Knowles DVD. Works great.  Here's the link:

Windows Media Player Classic - Home Cinema
Make sure you choose the correct version for your PC - to find out, Right-click on This PC, then click Properties.
The best way we have found to use this is to run the app, then insert the DVD, then choose File-Open Disc and select our DVD. Again, it works great.

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